How To Set Up A Jekyll Blog Without Installing Anything

You Need a Github account and Netlify account. These are free and easy to setup.

A. Get Jekyll Website Template

  1. Choose a suitable theme for your blog. I will be using Chirpy Jekyll Theme.

If you need a different template, check my list of Jekyll website themes.

  1. Sign in to your GitHub account.

  2. Visit Chirpy Starter template project link on Github.

  3. Click the button Use this template > Create a new repository. Give your project a suitable name.

B. Connect Your Template With Netlify

  1. Go to Netlify and sign in or create an account.

  2. Click on “New site from Git” on the Netlify dashboard.

  3. Choose “GitHub” as your Git provider and authorize Netlify to access your GitHub account.

  4. Select the project you just created (e.g., “my-jekyll-blog”).

C. Publishing You Website Online

  1. To allow Netlify to automatically publish your website, go to the “Build & Deploy” settings, and set the following values:

Build Command: jekyll build Publish Directory: _site/

  1. Click on the “Deploy site” button in Netlify.

Netlify will automatically build and deploy your Jekyll blog.

Once the build is complete, your site will be live at a Netlify-generated subdomain.