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Jekyll Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific Jekyll website requirements. Our services include:

Jekyll Website Setup

Say goodbye to headache of setting up a Jekyll website. Select a Jekyll theme that matches your vision, and let me take care of setting up the website.

Jekyll Website Customization

Get your Jekyll website customized to match your unique brand and style. Start with a generic theme and end with a custom-looking website. From fonts, colors and even layouts.

Helpful Resources

Markdown Basics

If you're new to Markdown, don't worry! It's an easy way to format text. Check out this Markdown Guide for a quick overview.

Jekyll Documentation

For more detailed information about Jekyll, visit the official Jekyll documentation. It's your go-to guide for everything Jekyll-related.

Jekyll Setup Guide

Our Jekyll Setup Guide provides step-by-step instructions for setting up Jekyll everywhere. No technical jargon – just follow the easy steps!

Jekyll Hosting Guide

Ready to share your website with the world? Our Jekyll Hosting Guide will walk you through the process of deploying your Jekyll site to various hosting platforms. Choose the one that suits you best!

Jekyll Liquid Documentation

Unlock the full power of Jekyll with Liquid, its templating language. Visit the official Jekyll Liquid documentation to learn how to use Liquid for advanced customization.

Jekyll Content Management

Our Jekyll Content Management Guide walks you through the process of writing and organizing your content using simple Markdown. Learn how to create posts, pages, and more for a polished and professional website.