Jekyll Hosting: 5 Easy Platforms to Publish Your Website

Finding the right home for your Jekyll website is crucial for its smooth operation. Here are five simple and user-friendly platforms where you can easily publish your site, whether you’re a developer or not.

1. GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a great choice for hosting your Jekyll website. It connects seamlessly with your GitHub repository, and the best part? It’s free. You don’t need to worry about complex tech stuff – just commit your changes, and your site will automatically update.

2. Netlify

Netlify takes the hassle out of hosting your Jekyll site. It’s easy to use, and the continuous deployment feature ensures your website is always up to date. With a straightforward interface and generous free starter package, Netlify is perfect for personal projects without the need for tech headaches.

3. CloudCannon

CloudCannon is a user-friendly platform that simplifies Jekyll website hosting. It’s like having your own web expert without the complexity. With CloudCannon, you get a visual editor to manage your site content without touching code. Simply connect it to your Jekyll repository, make updates using their intuitive interface, and your site will automatically reflect the changes. It’s a great option for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to content management without getting into technical details.

4. GitLab Pages

If you’re using GitLab, their Pages feature is a breeze for hosting Jekyll websites. No need to worry about jargon like CI/CD – just connect it to your GitLab repository, and your site is good to go. It supports custom domains, and the free hosting makes it an excellent choice for anyone.

5. AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify might sound technical, but it’s a powerful hosting solution for Jekyll websites from Amazon. It’s like having a robust foundation for your site. While it may be a bit more advanced, it’s worth considering for larger projects. Just keep in mind that it’s a bit like having a heavy-duty tool in your toolbox.

6. Vercel

Vercel is known for simplicity and speed. Think of it as the express lane for your Jekyll site. The dashboard is user-friendly, and it automatically deploys your changes. Plus, it ensures your site loads quickly for your visitors – no technical knowledge required.